Feeling a little lost?  Like you need to talk to a friend but aren't exactly sure what it is that is wrong or that you would talk about.  Well, meet our good friend, TED...the talks.

Here are some favorite speakers and their books or other media

Brene Brown: She talks about taboo subjects of shame and vulnerability in a funny and very relate-able way. Enjoy more with her books- The gifts of imperfection, Daring Greatly and Rising Strong.  Definitely time well spent!

Sheryl Sandberg: A public life and example of vulnerability, the very influential leader at facebook has an engaging way of sharing common struggles

  • Lean In is her book but she has a great TED talk that summarizes some of the highlights.
  • After the sudden death of her husband, Sheryl began to speak and write (Option B with Adam Grant) about resilience in a touching and personal way.

Laura Vanderkahm: We have more time than we think! I have used her weekly time log and found silly ways that I was spending time in meaningless ways and learned to prioritize the most important things to me.  Spoiler alert: sleep is NOT optional!

Nigel Marsh: A funny commentary on the myth of work life "balance"

Simon Sinek: Incredible discussion about leadership and starting with why

Shawn Achor: Funny discussion about positive psychology and the secret to happiness

Dan Pink: What drives us to engage in our work is autonomy, mastery and purpose.  Find other tips about motivation in this awesome talk

Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work

Other inspiration:

  • Rachel Remen: Her books (Kitchen Table Wisdom was the most powerful to me) and anything you can find with her speaking
  • Benjamin Zander and Rosamund Stone Zander: The art of possibilities is worth the time to read and to keep the  list the principles in a handy place to be reminded.  Here are a few videos with several of the sentiments.
  • Rana Awdish: Her book,  "In Shock" is moving and powerful.  It changed how many of us work and what we say.  She is a special messenger in that she has been doctor and patient and beautifully merged the narrative of each.  Her NEJM perspective article is a start of what you have in store if you read the book.